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Horton Glass

Horton Glass melayani konsultasi dan pemasangan kaca. Anda dapat menghubungi kami untuk merencanakan kebutuhan kaca Anda. Tim kami akan memberikan saran kepada Anda untuk merencanakan jenis kaca yang paling sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda. Kami juga memiliki tim pasang kaca yang berpengalaman dan siap membantu proses konstruksi kaca Anda.


Building Approaches

We work closely with clients to gain an understanding of your desires both philoso phical and practical.

Innovative Solutions

We work closely with clients to gain an understanding of your desires both philoso phical and practical.

Project Management

We work closely with clients to gain an understanding of your desires both philoso phical and practical.










Client Testimonials

  • Nabila Putri
    Actress - Public Figure

    Horton glass is one of the best glass vendors we have ever worked with, the glass is very varied, there are many choices that can be adjusted to our needs, they prioritize quality and also give us advice if some of the items we need are not according to their intended purpose.

    The workmanship is very neat, in the smoked garage itself, we install the canopy in the outdoor area using laminated euro gray clear, some of the glass rooms we use Frameless glass, it's really cakey!
    For the dyno room, because there will be a lot of noise,

    we use double glass or IGU glass.


  • Keneth Sandy
    Architect - Jakarta

    Glass selection is crucial in all of my designs, be it for offices, residential or commercial spaces. For me, quality is the key and their glass standard is already SNI/ISO certified, I can rest assured of my designs’ safety and my clients’ satisfaction.


  • Josua Juan
    Pluit AutoMall - Jakarta Utara

    Good service.

    The installation of automatic glass door is also good coordinated and fast response. 

    Very recommended.


  • Jillian Prajudha
    Owner - Jakarta

    The glass railing installations are very neat and tidy. They were also delivered on time.
    Good quality of the glass and stainless.
    They provide consultations in order to discuss the design so it be done accordingly.
    Thank you Horton Glass

  • Merryta Rahardja
    Classhe Clinic Owner - Senopati

    The installation of the frame and canopy's glass is satisfactory. I've had it for a few years, the sealent were neat and no leakage.
    They follow up closely from the beginning untill installation which is according to schedule. Well done Horton Glass

  • Dr. Mimi Safei
    Mimi Health Care Clinic Owner - Pluit

    The mirror installation in my clinic is very neat and on time, more success for Horton Glass. Thank you


  • Febryan - ESA House
    Architect - Jakarta

    Horton Glass' services helped us configured the executed design with respected communication in a field of project.


  • Joshua Iskandar
    Owner - Jakarta

    The shower glass was deliver and installed according to the order. Tempered glass and accesories's with high quality.
    The additional stainless pole were also installed proper and tidy.
    Good Job !!!

  • Hugo Adrian Hartanto
    Owner - Jakarta

    The quality of the glass, aluminum & accessories for the sliding door that I ordered is very good, nothing is stuck, everything works well. Prices are also competitive.

    Thank you Horton

  • Alin
    Beauty Clinic Owner - Jakarta

    The installation of glass and mirrors for my clinic is very neat. Very recommended

  • Alex Gunawan
    Owner - Jakarta

    The marketing team is very cooperative, can consult and give input on technical installation. So that the glass is installed according to my needs. The follow up after sale is also fast. Thank you

  • Selvia Hermawan
    Cafe Owner - Jakarta

    After installing the glass for my canopy, now it's not so hot anymore, the lighting is also quite bright. Yesterday it rained heavily and it didn't leak. The iron frame is also strong.

    I am very satisfied. Thank you Horton

  • Alex Sanjaya
    Owner - Tangerang

    The process on frameless glass for my office is very fast and neat, the stickers for the glass are also very detailed and good. Hopefully the glass needs in the future can be ordered again from Horton Glass.

  • Maria Dwi Lestari
    Owner - Jakarta

    Cutting glass stickers for my office is very neat. Horton Glass team also works fast, so my office can open on time. Thank you Horton Glass.

  • Ericka
    Owner - Depok

    The quality of the bending glass for the stair railing is very satisfying. From the measurement process, mall & production on time. The hand rail is also neat. Thank you Horton Glass for the cooperation.

  • Ricky Natanael
    Owner - Jakarta

    At first I was confused about what kind of glass to install for my cafe. Thank you to Horton Glass marketing team for providing a lot of input and finding the best solution for my needs. The installation results are also very good.

    I'm very satisfied.

  • Dicky Andreas
    Owner - Jakarta

    This is the first time I got a glass applicator with a fast working system as promised.

    All glass materials, accessories & aluminum for folding doors as ordered. Thank you

  • Fajarudinsyah
    Singer - BSD

    This is the first time to install swimming pool glass. Sealent is very neat, doesn't leak at all, the quality of the tempered laminate is also good. There is also an installation guarantee, I as a customer feel calm.

    Nice !!!

  • Meilyda
    Owner - Jakarta

    The quality of the glass, aluminum and accessories for the aluminum folding door that I ordered was excellent. Installation is also fast and neat

  • Adhitya Martin
    Owner - Jakarta

    From the process of measuring and installing everything on time and neatly, I am satisfied with the work of the Horton Glass Team. Great job

  • Rico Ricardo
    Owner - Bali

    The installation of the frameless folding door is very neat, the quality of the tempered glass is also good. When there is a problem, the response is also fast, finished on time. Thank you

  • Julian Frederic
    Owner - Jakarta

    I ordered glass for 6 bathrooms, in 3 weeks all was installed. Very fast.

    Thank you Horton Glass for the service.

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